Thursday, October 25, 2012

Top 5 Tourist Cities to Visit in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a very popular tourism destination in India that comprise of several palaces, historical forts, architecture and culture. It is a great tourism place for both domestic and international tourists. Statistics says that one among every three foreigner tourist visiting India surely visit Rajasthan as it is a prime spot of tourism in India. It is also a part of Golden Triangle for tourist in India. Several cities from state of Rajasthan are among top tourism cities of India. Here are top five cities to visit in Rajasthan:


This historical city is also known as “Pink City of India” as it has several forts, temples, and palaces that are famous all around the world. It is large, noisy, and crowded, but you will find several elaborate architectures, stunning views, historical forts and palaces and other entertaining things in this city. Jaipur is also a part of Golden Triangle tourist circuit of India and attracts visitors with its amazing remnants of bygone era. You will find a lot of places in Jaipur that show the monarchy life of kings and queens at this stunning place. This city is very interesting for stay and one surely enjoy staying at this place. You will also find a number of heritage hotels which are once old palaces, but now offer regal experience to the guests.


This is very fascinating city full of beautiful gardens, old mansions, grand palaces, and intricate temples. This is a great tourism spot for tourist with several shimmering lakes and scenic views for fun and entertainment. The city palace of Udaipur is very famous for its Moghul style decorative techniques and Rajput military architecture together. Narrow lanes of this city are also very attractive to explore.


This city will give you the feel of Romantic Arabian Nights fable. Historians say that this sandstone city rises magically from sand dunes of Rajasthan desert. The ancient fort of Jaisalmer was built in 1156, which is a very famous place to visit in the city. You can see the whole city from the top of this architectural fort.


This city is also known as blue city of India. It is the 2nd largest city of state Rajasthan and is located 208 miles west from Jaipur. It is formerly known as Marwar and now become a huge tourism attraction in Rajasthan. You will find several forts, temples, and palaces and some large landscapes in this city. The famous Thar Desert is very close to this historical city. Visiting this city will allow to travel several tourism spots close to this city.


If you are interested in visiting holy town with a lot of animals, then you will surely love this place of Rajasthan. In Oct/Nov of each year, you will find amazing exhibition or fate of animals in this place. Pushkar Camel Fair is very famous all over the country and worldwide that fascinates numerous tourists each year from world over.

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