Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dolls Museum - Jaipur

Dolls Museum

Jaipur; the pink city is also a dolls city by possessing India’s second dolls museum. Primarily built to cheer up deaf and dumb children in their school is now a major tourist attraction of Jaipur as well as India. Tourists visiting Jaipur whether from within India or out of India never forget to see Dolls Museum here.

Displayed here are the dolls of every part of the world including India. You can see here brides wearing their traditional dresses from China, Japan, Korea, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Africa, Egypt, Bengal, Punjab, Kerala, Andhra, UP etc. and many types of dolls showing their culture and traditions by their costumes. A very good display of about 5000 dolls is the main attraction of Dolls Museum. You can also purchase dolls from here.

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